Are you diagnosed with cancer or do you have any family members who have cancer? Then, we are here to give you a bunch of information about this severe disease.


Today, looking for people who have cancer is not that difficult. It has been listed to be the leading cause of death. According to a study, there are an estimated 1.6 million people diagnosed with cancer, and approximately 575,000 is the number of a cancer patient who died every year in the United States.


Even though there is already machinery that can treat cancer, the numbers of people diagnosed with the disease are still increasing. Also, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that 70% is the expected percentage of cases for the next 20 years.


Pancreatic, Colon, Breast, and Lung cancer are listed to be the deadliest type of tumors in the world and cancer is stated to be the second most dangerous illness that can cause death. There are millions of people who have this severe illness and still fighting for their lives, and the medical community has also been bothered by the disease. As time goes by, experts conducted various experiments to find a cure for cancer.


Several findings claimed that therapies discovered by medical experts could help to fight and lessen the numbers of patients who had cancer. Because of the vast result of deaths, medical experts come up with the examinations of various herbal remedies that could lessen and save the lives of people who have cancer.


How Does Cancer Start


Being a person who has cancer is never easy. It can change your entire life and your perspectives about life. Cancer has different types, and it comes with various symptoms and side effects that probably cause the physical, emotional and mental changes of a person. Having this severe illness can bring up massive and un-understandable emotional changes to the patient.


But how do cancer begins? Scientifically speaking, our body has billions of cells which form the structure of the body. They help us to absorb nutrients from the food we eat and convert those nutrients into energy. Cancer targets the cells because it provides the signals to increase the production of cell division and usually take part in a single cell or on a small group of cell in our body. Moreover, cells may begin to multiply and expand too much and form a lump, popularly known as a tumor, if any of these signals malfunctioned.

Usually, cells divide and duplicate themselves. The cycle goes like this; a single cell disperse and have two identical cells, then those two cells will split into four and four into eight and so on. But it is a way different when cancer cells take place. Damaged cells that turn into cancer cells which have DNA variations. Direct radiation from sunlight, smoking cigarettes, and drinking too much alcohol are the things that may trigger the damage of cells inside our body that can cause cancer cells, yet the cancer cells can also be inherited. Cancer can keep on developing since disease cells act uniquely in contrast to ordinary cells.


On the other hand, after being diagnosed with cancer, you might be curious about how many people have survived and did not survive with the illness.


Most of the given survival rates on the survey presented with a percentage. For example, a study about survival rates for bladder cancer says, five years after cancer patients have been diagnosed, there are 78% who lived, and that shows 78 individuals have survived out of the 100 people who have been diagnosed with cancer and the 22 remaining people died.


Furthermore, because of that 22% of people who died with cancer, the medical experts and researchers have made different trials to promote and come up to an effective therapy for curing disease.


Herbal remedies are one of the treatments that are still under intensive clinical trials to save lives from deadly cancer. One of those is medical cannabis. Find out how medical cannabis works with the treatment for cancer and if there is any success in treating cancer with cannabis.