What Type of Cancer Is Successfully Treated by Cannabis?

Debates about the effectiveness of medical cannabis sativa (marijuana) is now spreading on the internet. There are already a lot of research studies that justify the good effects of the cannabis plant when in use for clinical trials.


Investigations about the chemical compound of a cannabis sativa plant are in a crucial stage. Moreover, the cannabinoid compound of cannabis plant falls into two major components; the CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).


CBD is popularly known to be the non-psychoactive compound of cannabis that was legalized in some countries by state law. It is applied as a herbal medicine to some severe diseases like nausea, pain, inflammations and much other illness, while THC is the psychoactive compound of cannabis. Unlike the CBD-derived products, medicines have a high-THC level, is illegal to use under the state law and federal law.


Using the cannabis sativa plant without examination and clinical testings may cause different side effects. But on the other hand, upon different researches, using cannabis compounds with a combination of other medicines can be useful in treating severe diseases like cancer.

Potential Anticancer Research


Cannabidiol has been known to be the potential anti-cancer agent of the cannabis sativa plant. It is because of its ability to connect with cancer cells and manipulate the growth and division of cancer cells. Even though there are still no findings of the effective use of cannabis alone as a medicine, a lot of studies and trials were conducted under the legal provision of the law. These trials have tested with “in vitro” (human testing) and “in vivo” (animal testing).


At the time of clinical trials, researchers claimed that CBD could be a subject in affecting the genes and diminish the aggressiveness of cancer cell receptors. As well as the THC, it has definite traces of reducing the growth of the tumor.


However, there are laboratory researches that tried to combine the two major chemical compounds of CBD and THC to various types of cancer, and the result leads the experts’ declaration of another evidence to the theory of cannabinoids are not only antioxidants but also an essential agent added to the 50 fundamental herbs.


Reactions of Cancer to Cannabinoids


Cancer is a deadly disease that anyone may have. Yes, there are therapies to cure cancers, but those therapies come with different severe side effects that can weaken the immune system and somewhat pricey for a various status of people.


Here are some of the reactions and effects of cancer to cannabinoids.


Breast Cancer

There are four series of studies that have been made by a breast cancer medical expert to observe the activity of CBD when fighting the cancer cell. The first study was conducted to a mouse with breast cancer. The experiment results to have a modern effect to fight cancer cell lines.


On the second study, the surgeon observed the five various cannabinoids compound, and the process leads to a conclusion that the most potent inhibitor compound for the growth of the breast cancer cell is the CBD (cannabidiol). On the other hand, THC was determined to be the weakest compound when it comes to the effect on the growth of cancer cells.


Then the third study and fourth study results to similar findings on the concentration of THC and its activity during the process. It showed to be the weakest compound of the cannabinoids.


Lung Cancer

Aside from the examinations and experiments conducted with breast cancer, there are also studies that have raised researches with the Lung cancer. As we all know, lung cancer is one of the deadliest cancer. That is the reason why experts have come up with a study to find a cure for the illness.


For the first study, a mouse with a massive size of lung cancer cells became the subject of the experiment. Diagnosis shows that the small amount of THC is not enough to diminish the extreme amount of cancer cells, particularly with the effect of THC in size.


Then the next study did the same process as the first, but instead of using THC, they make use of CBD for resolving the problem of the massive amount of lung cancer cell. It shows that there is almost 50% delay in growth of each cancer cells.


Lastly, the third conducted study showed the activity of the cannabinoids compounds to the active and synthetic receptors. The laboratory trial results to be essential when it comes to disturbing the growth and development of the lung cancer cells.


Evidence To Cure


After all the trials and experiments, the cannabis sativa plant and its compounds do not yet receive any recognition to the authority. However, the use of CBD-derived products are now legal in some states under their state law; the federal law does not still consider the medical benefit of this herb.


But here are some of the evidence of the beneficial use of medical marijuana;


Inflammatory Bowel Disease


A small group of researchers from Israel conducted the first clinical trial about IBD, and the result shows that the frequently used component to cure abdominal pain, diarrhea and loss of appetite is cannabis sativa and its compounds. THC and CBD tested to be responsible for the effects of cannabis on the illness.


Nausea and Vomiting


A study shows that the effect of CBD shows a positive impact on healing the symptoms of nausea and vomiting with its non-toxic content that connects well upon releasing the receptors.


Chronic Pain


Some studies gave a hint about the positive effect of cannabinoids on reducing the impact of chronic pain on the human body. As the diagnosis executed, 15 out of 18 trials have passed the criteria and demonstrated the essential effects of cannabinoids on the body particularly, on sleeping.


However, there are many other diseases which prove the effectivity of cannabis and its compounds upon the healing process such as schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety.  But still, the use of cannabis sativa plant is illegal under federal law.


Regardless of all the information written here, if you are a patient diagnosed with cancer, you have to visit and consult your physician before doing any actions to treat the symptoms you feel.



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